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Pruritus Ani Treatment...Cures anal itching and persistent Pruritus Ani



Pruritus Ani Treatment...


What is the most effective treatment 

for persistent Pruritus Ani

and chronic anal itching ?


 This information is only for those with a real problem.  If you just have a minor case of "itchy anus", then use any over the counter anti-itch ointment available at drug stores.  This website is for those who have suffered with real pruritus ani for months or years.  Doctors haven't been able to help you and nothing has relieved your symptoms...  You have an extreme case of Pruritus Ani and you know it is more than just a little embarrassing affliction.  The chronic, intense anal itching is literally unbearable.  

Thousands of people with persistent pruritus ani and chronic anal itching have been desperate enough to try every form of treatment available from cortizone to witch hazel to athlete's foot creme...all to no avail. They have been to their doctor and followed all of their advice...special diets, fragrance free toilet paper, bidet's, cotton in the buttocks, prescription pills and ointments...all with no relief.  It took a few of us multi-year sufferers and a little pharmacological knowledge, to finally come up with the best treatment for severe pruritus ani and chronic anal itching.    

After 3 years of research looking for a cure, and after achieving a 93% success rate from hundreds of people at all ends of the planet... Australia to the U.S. to Ireland to South Africa... we successfully developed the absolute best treatment available anywhere in the world for severe pruritus ani and chronic anal itching.

Unlike any other product, Pranicure has been developed specifically to stop intense anal itching, relieve all symptoms associated with persistent Pruritus Ani, and to speed the healing of the perianal area.  (Read Reviews here)

One application after every bowel movement (or only when needed) leaves you itch free and healed.  And it contains no cortizone, steroids or other ingredients that aren't safe to be used over long periods of time.  Your bottom will finally be itch free and healed. You will have a normal life again.

Our patent pending Pranicure ointment is available only through this website.  But no amount of selling here is going to convince most of you that this stuff really works. It's not some "all natural cure".  It's real medicine. Pranicure is a product developed specifically for those people who have suffered with extreme cases of pruritus ani for months or years. Almost everyone who has used Pranicure for the treatment of persistent pruritus ani has found relief.  It's special combination of ingredients has a unique ability to work in the constant heat and moisture of the peri-anal area.

Simply put..Pranicure works.  It WILL stop your intense anal itching and heal your bottom.


You are not alone... We know what you are going through.  We know how bad pruritus ani can be.  We are here to help you get full relief!  We truly want a 100% success rate.  You can always contact us by email at anytime (pruritus.ani.cure@gmail.com) and we'll respond within 24 hours by email or phone (if you want) to discuss your issues or questions you may have using Pranicure or any related pruritus ani issue.  So in addition to our product, you will have access to support from people who have actually experienced what you are going through.



 Here is what a few of our customers who had severe cases of pruritus ani have to say: 


Relief After 21 years 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: John white

I suffered with anal itching on and off for over 20 years, with the last three the most miserable. I could find no long term relief. I found Pranicure after a desperate search, and even after reading positive reviews, I smelled a scam. After I emailed the company and did some research, I still was skeptical , but ordered a bottle. I am so glad I did! 
It did not work immediately, except to alleviate some of the itch. But I continued to put it on after every bowel movement, shower, and before going to bed. After about two weeks I was able to sleep through the night. After about 6 weeks I rarely itched. Now after about three months I have no symptoms. I still put it on at the same interval as before, just because I do not ever want it to flare up again, knowing that it is not a permenant cure. I am so glad I found it and hope you never go out of business or change the formula. It took a while, but it works. 


Complete Relief from 3 Years of Severe Discomfort! 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 

Posted By: N/A

I suffered for about 3 years from terrible itching and discomfort and tried about every available cream, plus seeing a dermatologist. I found only enough relief to make it just bearable. It took only about 2-3 weeks to be completely healed with Pranicure Cream. I'm down to a once every two-three day application. It has been a miracle product for me. 


The answer to my prayers!!!  

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: Marisol

Your product was the answer to my prayers! I began having serious issues with anal itching and irritation after the birth of my 3rd child. It was so severe that it led me to seek medical attention from a Proctologist and I underwent extensive testing to rule out colon cancer, Crohn's Disease and other serious conditions. Thank God it wasn't anything life threatening, but it left me lost because no one could tell me what was causing my symptoms or how to treat them. I felt defeated an depressed. I wouldn't even go out due to the pain, itching and discomfort I was in. I tried every product under the sun and nothing worked, until I found Pranicure. It has been a God send!!! I still use it about 2-3x a week and sometimes daily if I have a flare up. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a high quality product that actually does what it claims. I hope and pray that everyone suffering from this condition finds your product!!! 




Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: Russell H

WOW 7 years of itching and restless sleep no more.This product is amazing.So many different ointments from doctor but useless.Only problem is postage too expencive to Australia but its worth it.NO MORE ITCH.I CAN SLEEP PEACEFULL. 



Amazing product 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: N/A

I had put up with this affliction for 10 years, since in fact the birth of my second child. Doctors were pretty clueless, offering an array of creams and advice ("just try not to scratch") that just simply didn't work! I was feeling pretty depressed about it, like It was something I should be able to control through will power! Even sex was affected by the persistent itch. 

Then a Google search and I came across this product. Gulped at the price, plus P&P and then the UK customs charge... But was intrigued by the rave reviews. 

And now I'm writing one myself. This really is a brilliant product. I followed the instructions meticulously and almost instantly I could feel the difference. There is quite a noticeable sensation when you apply it (the menthol?) but I found this quite a relief as it feels like somethings working! 

I've been using it for about 5 weeks and I would say it's 95% gone, if not completely. Certainly I don't think about it at all now. Fantastic! It's made a huge difference to my life. 



Truly a miracle 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: JM Australia

I am amazed how this stuff works.. I have had my problem itch for years and tried everything! It did take a few weeks for it to start working... But now I am finally stopped the itching and I am now able to sleep at night!!!! This cream is brilliant... Thanks so much 



Life saver 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: N/A

Product worked right away for me. 
It's been weeks without the itching and it feels great. 



Relief at last! 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: James from Vancouver Island

First application was cool and soothing, every application after that was much the same. For years I have suffered from this blight and finally a product that works. Thanks is all I can say.



It's a Miracle 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: N/A

After suffering from itching Pruritus for over 2 years and trying many ointments that claimed to stop itching I have found a 'miracle'. I don't say this lightly, because I have never been so serious. It boggles my mind still to this day that after the first application it was gone. I continued to put it on, three times a week, out of fear that it would return. I haven't used it in a month and there is no hint of even a tingle. Thank you for this product. It saved my sanity!!! 




Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: Laverne

It took awhile to heal, over 2-1/2 weeks but now I am pain/itch free and can get a good night's sleep. 
thank you for your product. 



Itching Gone! 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: N/A

I was very skeptical buying a product online, but I do not regret trying this one. Only after a couple of days, the itching was gone. It is the only product that has helped me with this problem. I only wish I could buy it in the store. 





Many Thanks for supplying your product!  

Posted by IB, August 16, 2013

I have been suffering with this condition since the early 1980's and, for the first 10 years or so, just put up with the discomfort. I then found a product called Tri-Adcortyl, which provided temporary relief after a few days use. Unfortunately, this product was discontinued and other products prescribed and over the counter didn't come anywhere close.
So the years went by with continual suffering and so I just decided to do a google search. I found the Pruritus site, but was initially sceptical. In the end I decided what the hell and ordered a jar. It was delivered quickly, although I was charged an extra £13 by UK Customs for duty and handling (Good old rip off Britain).
A week or so after receiving the product I had the usual itching and gave the cream a try. The initial sensation is like having something cool and soothing against your skin. Quite pleasant. After 15 to 20 minutes, this subsides and then..... nothing. No pain, no itching, just pure relief. After 2 days use, I noticed that the normally open wound of the fissure started to scab over and two days later was completely gone. Without the cream, this would normally just continue to weep and be uncomfortable.
Whatever this stuff is, it certainly works for me and I would certainly recommend it.


Excellent Product!  

Posted by HN on 18th July, 2013

This is to advise you that I achieved excellent results with your Pranicure after 4 applications.

Best wishes, HN



Posted by BB on17th July, 2013

My son has been living with a terrible itch for 4 years. He tried every over the counter treatment on the planet. None of that worked so he started visiting doctors and even urgent care. They all prescribed various steroid creams which are terrible to use long term and didn't work anyway. Finally he went to my dermatologist. She prescribed him a $500.00 cream and a steroid ointment I had hope due to the price lol but I got online immediately and started researching anyway and found your company and product. My son read the positive reviews so I thought why not and I purchased some. Bottom line, the $500.00 cream did nothing so he tried the Pranicure and it worked and is still working. Just ordered a new Jar. Thank you so much for this product! It works, and is safe to use long-term.



Posted by FP on 16th Jul 2013

I have finally found a product that works. No itching immediately. Thank you I feel like a new person


Thank you! 

Posted by EG on July 15th, 2013 

I have had 100% relief using Pranicure and have my life back again.  In fact it held me back from doing a lot of things because so much irritated it and made me miserable.  After 8 Years of suffering with this it has been 2 months and have had a little itch once.  In fact I am running a half marathon this saturday because I am able to do so much more in my life now.  Thank you so much this stuff is amazing and works so well.  Thank you a million times!!!!!!!!


Works on fissures too! 

Posted by Susy from Miami on 13th Jul 2013

This is a great product. I initially used it for the itching, and kept the leftover product. I then used it for a fissure. Truly a miracle product.


Finally - Relief!!! 

Posted by JD on 11th Jul 2013

I suffered itching and pain for 2 years. The last year was to the point of unbearable. I went to the doctor and tried prescribed medication. I tried every over the counter medicine that I heard about. Nothing worked. I continued to itch, burn and hurt! I was reading posts on a musician website and someone with the same problem posted a link to your website. I had tried everything else to no avail, but was still open to trying anything I heard - so, I ordered a jar. It has been one month now and I can safely say - I am healed!!!  The first week of using the product I still experienced some burning for a little while after applying. After the first week and still today - no burning, no itching and no pain! All the cracks around the anus have healed! I am so thankful for your product. I can now lead a normal life.


Subject:  Awesome 

Posted by MIE July 10, 2013

I have had pruritus ani for about 6 years. I tried everything I could think of to make it go away. I finally went to my dr, and at first she thought it was a hemorrhoid. I knew it wasn't. She called me later that evening and said it was pruritus ani and explained all the signs and symptoms that I was having. I googled pruritus ani and that's how I found pruritusani.org. I was a bit skeptical at first, but told myself that I had to try something, because what I was doing wasn't working. Finally after 6 years I found RELIEF, the best $40 I ever spent!! This stuff really works. Thank you!!


I give you permission to use my story.  

Posted by FC, July 8th, 2013

I have been suffering for 10 years and tried several creams and different diets. Nothing worked.
I felt relief with Pranicure from day one and I am continuing to use the product everyday.
I highly recommend this product. Nothing like it on the market.


Relief and Joy! 

Posted by AB in Mexico, July 8th, 2013


I have suffered from pruritus ani for several years and for the last six months, was really chronic and overwhelming. I tried too many things, nothing really worked. Finally, about 6 weeks ago, I decided I had to start from scratch (pun intended) to work with all my heart to find a stop for this condition. I decided I will go for THAT product on the Internet that will say that it is the best for this condition and that I will take a leap of faith (even if lots of these products may not really fulfil their promises).


Then I found PRANICURE and I bought it. I am in Mexico, so I had to wait for about 10 days. And, two and a half weeks later, it is working like magic. Really. My condition is part of my past now and I feel relief and joy. I am very very grateful for the people to created this cream. Love and light to everyone.



Finally relief!!!! 

Posted by MH in Florida, 5th July, 2013

I have been suffering from pruritus ani for about 2 1/2 years. It has been horrible. The pain itching and discomfort was robbing me of my joy and took over my life. Most people hear about this problem and think its a minor even comical problem! I'm living proof that it is far more serious. It controls your mood, it sometimes dictates whether you will go out socially or not and it has many times brought me to tears!!!
Your product was the miracle I was praying for. It was the last of many products I purchased. I was afraid to get my hopes up at first but I decided to try it.

At first, it seemed to worsen. I thought I might be allergic to it. But I followed your recommendation to not give up. After the first week I noticed improvement and by week 2 I was itch and pain free. It's been about 3 months and now I use Pranicure a couple times a week!

I had taken for granted how great it feels to have a normal bottom. Thank you so much for an excellent product that absolutely works!!! Keep doing what your doing. You are helping people more than you know!!!!

With appreciation,



It Works! 

Posted by JW on 3rd July, 2013 

I had horrible anal itching. Pranicure is the first product I used that relieved the situation 100%. I used to use all kinds of things, even Benadryl at bedtime to try to get relief. Nothing worked, except Pranicure. I am a RN at a OB/GYN office and I have even recommended to patients with the symptoms of ani pruritis. I'm a customer for life! 



Posted by batgirl on 1st Jul 2013 

So far, it has been really excelent. After years of having this problem, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 



Posted by mb in Australia on 19th Jun 2013 

AHHHHHHHH, the fire has been extinguished.  10 years of shear terror.  no doctors could tame it.  i have tried everything and Pranicure is the only thing that works.  my life is back to normal thanks to your product. 


I can't believe it 

Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2013

I have finally found relief after 7 1/2 years. I have been using it for a week now and I am hoping that it will continue getting better and better. Be sure and follow all directions, and you will be a new person, I am. It took me forever to even find out what the problem was and finally I found out the problem and the cure. Funny thing is I had tried a lot of the products in the ointment but it took all of them being together for it to work. Thank you so so so so much for this product.


The best treatment anywhere for severe pruritus ani. 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: Jeff from Minneapolis, April 26, 2013

After 3 years (2 surgeries) and trying every product on the market to stop my anal itching and heal my bottom I finally found Pranicure. Within a week I am now down to one application every one or two days. The only time I itch any more is when I apply Pranicure and then within seconds I am itch free and healed for another 24 to 48 hours. I still wish for a total cure and would like not to have to use anything, but at least with Pranicure I'm not going crazy with the itching anymore. Not waking up in the middle of the night scratching is such a relief. Thank you for this miracle product. 


Could this be the cure ...finally? 

Posted By: Dave from Missouri,  April 9 2013
I have had anal itch for the better part of 10 years. It doesn't bother me constantly but usually for a short period of time at least a couple of times a day. I have tried probably a dozen ointments and other "cures" from different doctors and, while I got some brief relief from some of these products, nothing has come close to a "cure". Not until now that is! So far, your product has given me the most relief and actually has almost eliminated the itch entirely the last couple of weeks. I know it has only been a relatively short time period but I am excited to see over a longer period of time if this is finally the cure I've been looking for. I so far would highly recommend your product and I will let you know in a few weeks if the success continues. For now, THANK YOU! 


Pranicure Ointment is the ONLY product that works! 

Product: Pranicure Ointment 
Posted By: Doug in Illinois...Feb 18, 2013
Although I have suffered the symptoms of pruritus ani for over seven years, I didn't know what it was called and my doctors could not prescribe any effective remedy. I have tried every over the counter lotion, cream, gel, and powder (and a handful of precription medications) with absolutely no positive results. 

A while ago, I did an exhaustive search on the Worldwide Web and found the site www.pruritusani.org. I immediately ordered the product. I have been using Pranicure Ointment for 10 days, and I am so excited about the results. The condition of my skin has improved 99 percent. There remains just one stubborn little spot that is taking a bit longer to heal. No more itching. No more drainage. No more bleeding. Hooray! 

THANK YOU for developing and offering the most effective product in the world for treatment of pruritus ani. Pranicure Ointment is a Godsend


February 2013...Lynne...I've been using the product for 2 weeks now and love it.  Thank you so much for creating this product!


December 2012...Ian..I would like to thank U..for years I suffered until I found Pranicure.


December 19, 2012...Jamie...The Pranicure works great! I've tried many products but this is the only one that really works. I am thankful I discovered it.


Oct 23, 2012...RJ in LA...Great Product! I must have tried over 15 products and did all the doctor recommendations all with no luck. Itch is finally gone with just one application per day. I highly recommend this treatment.


Aug 2, 2012...anonymous...Really is the best solution for Pruritus Ani.  I've tried surgery and just about everything else on the market and on the internet.  This is the only product that has worked for me.  My 8 year battle is finally over.


June 2012...David...FINALLY...RELIEF!!  Cannot believe how GREAT this product works!  I've tried everything before for my condition and this is the ONLY thing that works!!  Highly recommend it to anyone suffering like I did. 



Doctors offices may request up to 10 free samples with free shipping.  Simply email your request to: pruritus.ani.cure@gmail.com


The cost for a jar (3-6+ month supply) of Pranicure, is only $39.95.  For many of our customers with a less severe case of pruritus ani, a single purchase completely heals and eliminates the condition.  Most of our clients have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on doctor bills and other "cures" before using Pranicure.  The cost of Pranicure is pennies compared to doctor bills.




 To order Pranicure click here 




What causes Pruritus Ani?  There is no absolute agreement among doctors, however, after doing all of our research, we believe the best answer to the question...What causes pruritus ani?... can simply be found on Wikipedia...just click here or go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pruritus_ani



We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.  Contact us... Pruritusani.org (PAC)... Email: pruritus.ani.cure@gmail.com

or rate this product and submit your review by clicking here...write review.




Pranicure...The ointment specifically formulated to stop intense anal itching; relieve all symptoms associated with Pruritus Ani; and to aid in the healing of the perianal area.  Pranicure is simply the best overall cure for pruritus ani and stopping intense anal itching.