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Anal itching and Pruritus Ani relief

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 Research shows how to:

 Stop Chronic Anal itching...

Eliminate Pruritus Ani... 

and Heal Anal Fissures.

 The Pranicure Group has studied these problems for over 5 years now (since 2010) and we sincerely believe no one knows more about the subject of anal itching, pruritus ani and anal fissures than we do. We've healed and brought relief to people who have suffered for an unimaginable, 10, 20 and even 30+ years. We've healed the worst of the worst, so we know what we're talking about.  We are a small group of people that doctors were unable to help so we had to find the solution to these problems ourselves.  There is no "maybe or if" our methods will work.  Our research and testing is conclusive...it works every time.  No matter whether you've suffered for years or if you're new to this horrible affliction of chronic anal itching, pruritus ani, and anal fissures.  We researched and tested everything:  Every special diet imaginable, abstaining from certain foods, homeopathic cures, prescription creams, online ointments, over the counter ointments, surgeries, methylene blue injections, water sprayers, ...if it's been mentioned anywhere in literature, medical blogs or forums, and if it's on any website claiming to have a "guaranteed" product for anal itching, we've tried it.   (You can click here to read what others have said about us or click the "Pranicure Reviews" tab above.)   


It's lengthy, but following are the results of our testing and research. No one has done what we've done and been able to achieve the results that we have.  We’ve tested so many different theories, ointments and advice, that we’ve come to believe most of the information out there is just plain wrong.  You reading this right now is continued proof of that statement...because none of the advice or products out there have worked for you, that's why you're here. None of it worked for us either.  You can continue to search medical forums, and try everything on that pruritus ani pamphlet that your doctor may have given you, (most of which we found just regurgitates and spits out the same data from inconclusive old studies and unverified speculation), or you can believe the results of our 5 years of RECENT work healing thousands of people who were diagnosed by medical doctors with pruritus ani, chronic anal itching and anal fissures.  


What is Pruritus Ani?  Pruritus Ani is a medical term for “we don’t know what is causing the problems in and around your anus".  It's a catch all for what may be open sores, rashy irritated looking skin, chronic anal itching, anal pain, and chronic anal fissures.  And if the doctor is unable to help, what is a person to do?  You scour the world for information, try things, and hopefully find a cure.  That’s what we did...the Pranicure Group, www.pruritusani.org… and that’s why you are here today, because the doctor didn’t have an answer for you.  And if that’s not true, if you haven’t been to the doctor, then you need to go see one.  We are not anti-doctor, quite the contrary.  They have answers and cures for many anal and skin conditions.   You need to see your doctor until he/she tells you that they don’t know what is causing your anal problem and they have ruled out anything serious.  But once they hand you a pamphlet or give you the diagnosis “pruritus ani”, (“we have no idea what to do for you”) that’s when you are ready to follow our advice.  You can learn right here, right now, from our years of experience in just a few minutes reading the following synopsis of our work or you can spend years more looking for an answer, going through trial and error, and repeating the same work we have already done.  You can go at it alone or follow our advice.  It's up to you.  (You can click here to read what others have said about us or click the "Pranicure Reviews" tab above.) 


So what causes chronic Anal Itching and severe pruritus ani?  

It seems natural that you need to know the cause before you can find the cure.  And we want to know, but the specific answer to that question is: “no one really knows.”  As of right now there is no definitive answer that points to one specific cause.  And that’s why you must see your doctor first... to rule out any known problems that they CAN heal.  But let’s assume the pruritus ani diagnosis and they have no idea what is causing it…quite frankly our research is leading us to believe the cause is internal.  Something appears to be going wrong temporarily or permanently in the stomach/intestines which produces something in your stool or rectum that when it comes into contact with your anal/perianal skin it causes itching.  Then you scratch and scratch and damage the skin, sometimes creating a rash-like oozing skin problem or sores or anal tears called "fissures".  As you probably know, damaged or burned skin produces moisture to heal itself.  (A scab is dried wound moisture.)  But down there it never scabs over and keeps producing moisture which causes the itching to get even worse.  You get stuck in a never ending itch/scratch cycle.  Your bottom, whether you know it or not, has damaged skin and needs to heal. However it won’t heal if you keep scratching…BUT "not scratching" is ridiculous advice that cannot be followed it just itches too much, you have to scratch!  It’s a horrible cycle to be in. It’s a life changing cycle for severe sufferers…most of whom wake themselves up every night scratching.   We have however, managed to achieve success in overcoming and breaking this cycle with an anti-itch, anti-bacterial, skin healing, skin barrier ointment we invented in 2013 called Pranicure. Once we were able to break the cycle and heal the bottoms of severe sufferers it allowed them to have a normal life, sleep through the night, and only have to apply an ointment once in a while to live life without itching or pain. By that definition, they were "cured" by Pranicure.  (You can click here to read what others have said about Pranicure or click the "Pranicure Reviews" tab above.)     


I’ve heard that over-zealous cleansing and using soaps down there are the cause pruritus ani??  NO…it’s NOT YOUR fault.  If it didn’t itch in the first place you wouldn’t be over zealous in your cleansing.  It’s the crazy intense itch causing you to be crazy intense cleaning or scratching which damages the skin and puts you into the itch/scratch cycle.  Listen to us here…It’s NOT YOUR fault.  For some reason, there are medical people blaming the sufferers.  They say it’s our own fault we messed up our bottoms.  Don’t scratch, don’t use soaps, don’t use toilet paper, don’t clean your bottom.  Deal with it.  There is no question, it was the itch that caused you to go crazy down there not the other way around.  You didn’t cause the itch.  It’s not your fault.  We speculate with a very high degree of probability that the culprit is coming from the rectum.  People flatulate and the older you get anal leakage can be a problem, and we all defecate so there are many opportunities for rectal discharge to come into contact with your anus and perianal skin.  We have surmised that the reaction of your skin to something coming from the rectum is the most likely culprit. 


If we assume then, that the “culprit” is in the rectum/digestive system, then a different diet or supplements or probiotics should be the answer.  BUT…we’ve had nothing but failure over the long term.  5+ years looking at diet and every combination of hundreds of products and ingredients to NO AVAIL.  You can change your diet, take any supplement imaginable, take every probiotic out there all you want and it seems to do very little and absolutely NOTHING long term to relieve anal itching or any symptom of pruritus ani.  Some people say go gluten free, stop eating this or that, quit coffee and beer.  But we find that long term none of it works.  The majority of the reports saying a diet worked had to be either premature or placebo effect because we found they are all a waste of your time.  We’ve tried everything and are continuing to try more things but still no success.   As of now, we’ve come to the conclusion that diet is not to blame.  We have found zero proof that diets work.   Almost every one of the hundreds of people who came to us and now use Pranicure, have tried several different diets and food eliminations and nothing worked.  That’s hundreds of people each trying dozens of diets and/or food eliminations and zero long term results.  Do the math and that’s thousands of diets and different food elimination combinations.  So you can continue down that path trying to re-invent the wheel, but we’re saying it won’t work.  Forget it.  Don’t change your diet thinking it will help your anal problem because it won’t. 


So if diets, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and supplements don’t work, how can the cause be internal?  We believe the answer may be along the same line as the cause of the stomach ulcer.  If you are old enough you may remember that for decades, people and doctors believed stomach ulcers were caused by certain foods or stress…(sound familiar…the same things are still being said about pruritus ani).  Well, as it turns out, they found in the 1990’s that most stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria, the h-pylori bacteria.  It’s a type of bacteria that is very difficult to kill.  Normal antibiotics won’t touch it.  Our speculation is that someday a currently unknown or out of control bacteria in the digestive system will be found to be the cause of pruritus ani.  A little circumstantial proof to this bacteria theory comes with the fact that at least one antibiotic we know of eliminates anal itching in chronic sufferers.  Gone…for as long as you are on it.  (The itch comes back a few days after you stop taking it unfortunately.)  It’s an antibiotic primarily used when you have problems in your gums (needing a root canal for instance), however it causes diarrhea indicating it has a real effect in the digestive tract and for that reason it's not commonly prescribed.  A bacterial cause of pruritus ani in the body seems to fit the overall evidence and may be the reason why changing your diet doesn’t help…  diets, supplements, and probiotics can’t kill invasive or out of control bacteria .  All of this leads us to believe that until the next “h-pylori” type bacteria is found to be the culprit in causing chronic pruritus ani…and until an antibiotic or treatment is found to kill or contol it…the best treatment for chronic anal itching and severe pruritus ani is to break the itch/scratch cycle with Pranicure ointment and the Clean, Dry and Apply method described below… (You can click here to read what others have said about Pranicure or click the "Pranicure Reviews" tab above.)   


How about surgery or methylene blue injections?  We found NO positive long term lasting effect on eliminating or reducing the symptoms of pruritus ani.  Again, this is more evidence that healing the skin or anus is not enough.  Unfortunately our data shows that hemorrhoid surgery will not provide relief from anal itching and methylene blue injections help for only a limited amount of time on anal itching.


What can I do RIGHT NOW to get relief from anal itching and pruritus ani? 

Can I use soap?  Toilet Paper?  I’m confused with so much information…what should I do?  And what should I NOT do?  Read this and the 4 steps below:  First of all, don’t waste your time going on special diets or eliminating certain foods and trying to find the culprit…you won’t find any diet or food elimination that will work long term.  (We just covered that in the last section.)  NEVER apply any ointment down there that contains petrolatum/Vaseline (which is most of them).  It WILL exacerbate the problem.  To relieve a “scratching fit” (when the itch is very intense and you’re going crazy), ice will kill that itch and numb your bottom.  Apply an ice cube directly to your bottom and pat dry with tissue…then apply the appropriate ointment.  Baths with Epsom salts will bring temporary relief.  Then pat your bottom dry or blow dry your bottom with a hair dryer on the cold setting and then apply the appropriate ointment.  And  Never scratch through clothing or at any other time than when you are applying the appropriate ointment!   “Dry scratching” rips up the perianal and anal skin and sets your healing time back.  You need to break the scratch/itch cycle if you are going to heal and also get rid of the itch.  We do understand that you HAVE to scratch sometimes.  Not scratching is not an option, we get it.  But do it at the right time.  If your bottom itches…every time it itches…you need to go to the bathroom and use the Clean, Dry and Apply method below


1)  CLEAN your bottom thoroughly, (anus too), without scratching, using a baby wipe.  Yes, contrary to what you might have heard… a baby wipe.  No Balneol, no soap, no washcloth, (a bidet or hand sprayer is fine but not necessary and not good enough)…you still need the baby wipe to remove all stool and feces that have stuck to your anus and perianal skin.  If you have just had a bowel movement, yes you can use toilet tissue first wiping gently no scratching yet.  Then finish with the baby wipe.  There are all kinds of advice out there telling you to not over cleanse…but we find that you DO need to thoroughly clean after every bowel movement and prior to every application of the appropriate ointment.  Feces/stool/rectal discharge touching the skin is what we believe is the main cause of anal itching and pruritus ani. So you MUST remove it.  Be as gentle as you can and make sure the baby wipe is moist to reduce friction while cleaning.  DRY wiping or dry scratching will damage the delicate perianal and anal skin.  Using moist wipes will prevent that from happening.


2)    Your bottom needs to be dry prior to applying the appropriate ointment.  You must PAT your bottom dry with toilet tissue.  Do not rub or scratch with the tissue.  PAT dry. If you apply the appropriate ointment over wet skin, you will trap the water against the skin which will cause soggy skin and more itching.  If you find that the itch is gone after steps 1 and 2 then DO NOT apply any ointment.  Leave your bottom alone and without ointment.  Don't try to prevent itching.  


3)    Finally, you get to satisfy the itchRUB the appropriate ointment in until the itch is satisfied.  No fingernails!  Cut them short or use a latex glove or finger condom.  (Fingernails are the worst offender of tearing up perianal skin.)  You then RUB in the ointment (it’s a “lubricated scratch” instead of a dry scratch to minimize skin damage) with a finger until the itch is gone. Relief without doing damage!  If your problem is more pain than itch due to anal fissures, you simply want to rub in the ointment to all areas of your anus.


4)    What is the “appropriate ointment”? Our research found that you never want to use anything that contains a lot of white petrolatum/Vaseline.  Unfortunately that ingredient is in almost every ointment!  If you have a very minor case of pruritus ani or if you want something immediately to start the healing process, you can ask your pharmacist to recommend an over the counter ointment that does NOT contain a lot of petrolatum.  (And follow the clean, dry and apply instructions above.)  However, after the Pranicure Group tried everything on the market, we found that nothing worked long term and we realized that we had to invent the ointment that had all of the features we needed.  Nothing had the combination of drying, soothing, difficult to remove moisture barier and anti-itch that is required.  Pranicure (available for purchase on this website) with it's patent pending formula, is the only ointment we tested that worked for all of us in the Pranicure Group.  And because it was invented by severe pruritus ani sufferers, and has now successfully been used around the globe by thousands more, there is absolutely no question that it works.   In fact, none of the ointments you can buy at the store or anywhere on line will work long term if you have a serious case of pruritus ani. We’ve tried every over the counter, non-prescription product and nothing works long term on the serious sufferer except Pranicure.  Pranicure is unique.  There is nothing else like it.  It contains skin drying ingredients, antibacterial ingredients, healing ingredients and anti-itch ingredients. It has the right amount of moisture and is the best skin barrier available to keep fecal matter and discharge off of the anal and perianal skin.  And because of it's healing properties for pruritus ani, it naturally heals anal fissures and keeps them from re-occuring with continued use.   In addition, Pranicure does not contain cortisone or any steroids that are not to be used long term.  Every ingredient in Pranicure has been used by humans on a daily basis for decades.  (Click on the "Pranicure Ingredients" tab at the top of the home page for a full list of ingredients.)


Pranicure was invented by us...serious chronic anal itching pruritus ani anal fissure sufferers.  We know it works.  It’s proven to work.  Used in conjunction with the clean, dry and apply method above, there is nothing better.  We know chronic anal itching, severe pruritus ani and anal fissures like no one else. We've helped people who have suffered an unimaginable 10, 20 and even 30+ years... Read the product reviews here and search us on the web.  We offer advice and answer questions through email: help@pruritusani.org.  And your purchase is guaranteed by us and the Norton Shopping guarantee (See bottom left of your screen)  You WILL get your money back (with a simple email) if you are not satisfied.  We want 100% success.  We are not satisfied if even a single person is not getting relief from these awful afflictions. The Pranicure Group is sincerely here to help. We communicate with customers every day, walking them through the healing process.  We have the answer to bring relief to those suffering from even the worst cases of anal problems.  We don't stop until you get relief.  In addition, you can always ask us questions or for advice by using the contact us tab above or email us at: help@pruritusani.org.  We sincerely want to help you with this awful affliction.  We know what you are going through. We went through it and we’ll help you get through it.  Pranicure will give you your life back.



We wish you well!  

      The Pranicure Group


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*Disclaimer:  Results with Pranicure vary.  While almost all users get relief from their pruritus ani symptoms using Pranicure, there is no way to guarantee specific results or guarantee that 100% of users will be cured.  Currently, there is no known drug, ointment, diet, or system that can guarantee a cure for everyone with pruritus ani.  However, we won't stop trying... our research goes on...5 years running...working solely on the issue of pruritus ani.  Please note that under our terms/privacy/contact tab above, we promise you the very best customer service.  You can always reach us to rectify any issues, make a comment or ask any questions.  (All of our customer representatives were long term sufferers and know first hand what you are going through.) We are sincerely here to help you beat this awful condition and will do everything we can to accomplish that.  Email us anytime at help@pruritusani.org. Please see the terms/privacy/contact page of our website for all contact info, refund policy, and privacy information.