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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I verify that Pranicure is a reputable company.

Do an internet search, or see our Better Buisness Bureau listing here, we have an A+ rating. You won’t find a single complaint. We are seriously here to help people. 

Is there a money back guarantee? How hard is it to get my money back?

The big reason we don’t have any complaints is that if anyone is unhappy for any reason we give them their money back. With just an email. It’s that simple. No need to return product. No reason needed. Your only financial risk is the shipping charge as that is not refundable. Less than 1% of people in 2016 wanted their money back. The Pranicure Treatment is a breakthrough in treating these anal conditions.

Is Pranicure ointment FDA approved?

Yes, via the anorectal monograph of the FDA. For details, see our Pranicure Ingredients page.

Does Pranicure contain steroids?

No Pranicure does not contain steroids or cortisone. Pranicure is safe to use over long periods of time. See our ingredients page for further information.

Are doctors recommending Pranicure?

Quite a few doctors have taken notice but basically doctors require PROOF before recommending anything. Big Pharmaceutical companies sponsor double blind studies that cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, to provide proof to doctors that their products work. We don’t have that money and have only now just completed the beginning stages of treatment development. We have now accumulated about 500 customer reviews. This overwhelmingly positive evidence will eventually lead to doctor recommendations …the medical world moves slowly and cautiously. Our goal is to take this evidence to the Association of Colon and Rectal Surgeons here in the US and have them (or some other group) sponsor an independent clinical trial to provide unbiased proven results to the medical community. Once that is complete, you will begin to see doctors recommending our treatment.

The product reviews are amazing, how can I be sure they are from real users?

We use an outside source for our website. Their company name is BigCommerce. They provide secure store websites for small companies that can’t afford the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to set up a site on their own. They are one of the largest and most reputable in the business. The software is theirs. We can’t change it. You have to have purchased a product and use the email address associated with the sale in order to put in a product review. As of the end of 2016 there are approximately 600 reviews

Why isn’t Pranicure available in stores?

Getting it on store shelves would cost millions of dollars. Without doctors recommending it or an advertising budget in the millions, no one would buy it. The internet just makes financial sense for a small niche product. Once we have the promotion power of the medical community, then it will make sense for stores to stock it.

I’m not in the USA, can I get Pranicure in my country?

Yes. We have shipped to over 50 countries and charge a flat rate of $19.95 per order. The shipping cost is the same no matter if you order one or a hundred jars. We use DHL Global Mail. It is an economical shipping alternative compared to expensive overnight delivery services and the unreliability of the US International postal service. DHL takes the package from the USA to the Destination Country; gets it through customs; then delivers it your local post office. Your local post office makes the final delivery to your home OR if your country has import taxes, your local post office will require you to pay your country’s tax before giving you the package. DHL provides tracking information all along the way so you know where it is. If for some reason your package is lost along the way, we will of course give you a full refund including shipping charges.

Why will this work when everything else I’ve tried including prescription medication hasn’t worked?

The Pranicure treatment was invented by people who suffered (just like you are now) and found that there was NOTHING available that worked long term. And you know that is true because you’ve tried everything as well. People don’t get to reading this far unless they’ve suffered a lot. Read our home page again and again. From what you personally know, you understand that our logic is solid. It’s not in your head and it’s not just a skin problem that can be cleared up once and forever. We believe that your anal and perianal skin is continually being infected from something in your colon/rectum (we think it’s an unknown bacteria) and it happens on a daily basis. Logically if you remove the culprit and apply an ointment (only when necessary) with all of the qualities of Pranicure, you will get relief. It’s a simple process that might take you one or at most two minutes a day. It’s proven, the Pranicure treatment works.

Will Pranicure help heal anal fissures, fistula’s and hemorrhoids, as well as stop the itching and burning?

Yes in most cases. It takes 1-3 months to heal a bad fissure or long term hemorrhoids, but we found that Pranicure helps heal the entire anal and peri-anal area. We have come to believe that the same culprit that causes itching in many people, causes irritation in others. Some people get burning instead of itching or sometimes burning and other times itching. But it all has the same source. Following the Pranicure treatment will help bring relief and healing to your bottom most of the time. It’s worth a try. However, some fissures are so bad that only surgery will help.

Is Pranicure safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We get this question a lot. Our answer is that while we believe it is safe and our product meets FDA guidelines for anal ointments, we think that question is for you and your doctor to answer. Our list of ingredients is on the website. Click on the Pranicure Ingredients tab and share that with your doctor and the two of you make the decision.

How do I know my credit card information is safe placing an order on your website?

We do not save or store any of your financial information. We never ask for your birthday or social security number either. When you place an order on our website, your financial information is encrypted and then passed to our credit card processor Paypal. We never see, nor have access to your credit card information. The Paypal corporation is one of the largest financial transaction processors in the country. The only way your financial information can get compromised is if they get hacked. Your financial safety is not dependent on trusting us in any way. We push the financial security off to Paypal Inc. Here is a link to their website:

If you just don’t trust putting your information on our website, you can email us ( or use our contact us page and give us your phone number and best time to call and we’ll contact you and place the order over the phone. Our general phone number is 763-537-3419. You can call or leave a message as to the best time to call you back to take the order.

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