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Pranicure Ointment

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Pranicure...the anal itching ointment developed and tested over five years to specifically treat severe anal itching and pruritus ani. Pranicure is engineered to stop chronic anal itching and relieve all symptoms associated with persistent Pruritus Ani. 4oz jar usually lasts 3-6 months.  PRICE: $39.95 per jar.  (Click the tab at the top of your screen for a full listing of Pranicure ingredients)

Shipping... by first class postal service only. Shipped within 24 hours of ordering from Minneapolis, MN, USA.  Shipping costs are PER ORDER...any number of jars shipped at the same price.  Domestic... Price: $9.95 anywhere in the U.S. (approx. 3 calendar days shipping time) International... $19.50 to any country outside the U.S.(approx 8-10 calendar days shipping time.)

Guarantee... Use Pranicure for 30 days and if you are not satisfied we will refund the Pranicure purchase price no questions asked...No need to return unused product... Simply email us: help@pruritusani.org and ask for a refund. (Shipping costs are non-refundable.)

 Additional guarantee: Norton Shopping Guarantee ...hover or click the icon on the bottom left of your screen for details...

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Product Reviews

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  1. Miraculous 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2015

    I have been plagued by this dreaded pruritis ani for over 10 yrs. It started with a tiny fissure. My doctor prescribed clotrimazole and betamethasone cream for relief. It was the only thing that worked. Unbeknownst to me, this cream thins the tissue of the anus and consequently sent me into a whole new definition of agony. I developed ulcers, and more fissures. Another doctor told me to buy clotrimazole and hydrocortisone separately instead, because it was the beta that was the culprit. Unfortunately, I was already on a crash course. The itch-scratch cycle became so severe that it was all I thought about. The doctor said there was nothing he could do. THEN, I ran across pranicure--I HAVE BEEN SAVED. My condition was so severe, that it took diligence, following directions to a T, and about a month of time, but I have a brand new anus. NO LIE. I really didn't think it was working, but luckily I read the reviews on here and YES it did appear to get worse before it got better so I did persevere. And that is key. 30 days later, and I am not using the cream daily. It is nothing less than a miracle and if you have this problem, buy it NOW.

  2. Helps 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2015

    The best product I have used so far but not a cure.

  3. Believe the hype 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jun 2015

    I've been suffering with these symptoms for over 20 years. Tried everything from creams, to different detergents, diet, underwear etc. Had 2nd and 3rd opinions from Doctors. No joy. Had got used to the broken sleep from itching and never thought it would be relieved.

    I saw the reviews on this site and thought it looked like a scam. After researching elsewhere on the net I decided to give it a go all the same.

    Took about a month to arrive (I'm in the UK) and I was apprehensive about it working. Within a couple of applications the itching was gone. Unbelievable. Now I apply it 2-3 times a month and it keeps it under control. I can sleep through the night for the first time in many years. Fantastic product.

  4. amazing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jun 2015

    It has saved my life

  5. amazing. It works! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jun 2015

    Tried everything. Nothing worked until this product.

  6. Relief! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2015

    I've been dealing with the relentless itching for years and no doctor could help. It was so embarrassing that I didn't feel like going to yet another doctor's appointment having to explain my problem for them to not be able to help me. This product really works! I was skeptical at first because I've tried every anti-itch cream or steroid cream under the sun. But, it is essential that you follow the directions that come with the cream to the letter! I didn't at first and was frustrated by the lack of results. Use a flushable wipe first, then pat dry with toilet paper. Then apply the cream. It's an amazing product and I no longer have sleepless nights due to the miserable itchiness. Thanks Pranicure!

  7. Life Saver 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2015

    After nearly 15 years of the dreaded midnight itch, I can't believe I finally found something that worked within days. Nights were getting harder and harder to sleep. Itching was getting worse. I found this website at 2 am in the morning when enough was enough. What a life saver. I am a believer.

  8. This stuff works. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2015

    You guys are way too modest saying it will take 2 weeks, because I got my first good night sleep in a long time the first night I used this! No kidding!! I am buying more so please keep making it!
    Nothing I have used of the dozen products over the years, some prescribed by an MD, has come close to the immediate relief I had with this product and your directions.
    Thank you!!!!

  9. Fantastic Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2015

    This product delivers exactly as promised. I have finally been relieved of my symptoms. Thank you

  10. Finally a product that is complete relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Apr 2015

    I started using this product & I had the best night sleep after using it. It takes away the itch and also helps to heal your butt. I have suffered for 20 years with anal itch & broken skin. Been to specialists and there treatment only worked for a short while and it was back to the drawing board again. So if you have the same problem I advise you to start using Pranicure you won't regret it. You will be itch free, what a great feeling to free again of this terrible disease. Thank you so much for this incredible product.

  11. Life Changing! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2015

    Can't be more satisfied. This cream removed my misery in 2 weeks. When the itching started there are no words that describe the misery. When the itch is bad you can't concentrate, you can't sleep, you can't eat. And worst of all main stream medicine can not help.

    Your cream helps when no one else could. Your cream made me healthy again. Thank you.

  12. I wish I had known about you kind folks years ago! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Apr 2015

    I just ordered your product and I've found relief in just two days! I've been suffering for 12 years. I'm 47 now. I wish I had known about you kind folks years and countless sleepless nights ago. Why aren't you in every drugstore in the World?

  13. Amazing product☺ 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Apr 2015

    I am not one to write reviews but I CAN'T NOT write one regarding this product. I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this and using it but the results within a few days..... WOW! I can sleep at night now and am not in constant pain particularly at work. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Thank you for making my life so much better

  14. What a Relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Mar 2015

    Hi, I only recently ordered pranicure after Drs giving me all kinds of creams. I had seen this online and wanted to order it but delayed. I finally did and after only a few days had instant relief. The instructions that came with it are really clear and precise. I am finally sleeping without an ice pack, driving without an ice pack. In fact I used to take one everywhere I went just in case I had an itch attack. Now I am not thinking about my bottom. Thank you so much!

  15. Give it a try 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Mar 2015

    I used to have daily itching. I can describe it as discomforting, irritating and made me feel anxious and tense. I went to doctors, did cleansing, diets, etc... Nothing provided a long term solution. I am currently using Pranicure, the itching is reduced substantially and I use it only once every 3 days. I feel it is curing it.

  16. Really works. suffered for 20+ years 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2015

    I have had this issue pretty much the entirety of my life. This product really does work. At first I used it often but now I only use it once every couple days and the itch is still completely gone. It has given me my life and freedom back. Really cannot believe it. I have spent a lot of money on other products that do NOTHING. If you are in this boat you have nothing left to lose. GIVE THIS A TRY. nothing the docs gave helped at all. Pranicure WORKS.

  17. I couldn't imagine living without it now... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Mar 2015

    It gave me my life back. I had tried everything else. This is the only product that works. Doctors couldn't help and made me feel like it was my fault I had this condition. Now I know what the problem was after searching for years. I now use it only once per day for complete relief.

  18. It works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Mar 2015

    My title says it all. It works. Plain & simple.
    I had the issue for about 22 years and nothing ever lasted. With Pranicure, the relief was almost immediate. After just one month of treatment, I have now stopped using it and don't feel any itch.
    Although I think the product is really efficient, what worked for me is also the "method". Before Pranicure, I was never sure if I could use wet wipes, or toilet paper, or nothing/bath. I now know. It works!

  19. Yes :) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2015

    Like most of the people who have written reviews here, I tried everything to relief the unbearable itching without success. I was also skeptical when I came across Pranicure, but decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. At first I had to use the Pranicure a lot and was worried that I was using it too much. But, several weeks after starting I noticed I was using less and less until I realized my itching was gone at night and I was no longer worried about needing to scratch at in opportune moments! Hallelujah! Now I use Pranicure once a day or at the first sign of an itch and am very happy. This product is the relief you have been looking for!!!

  20. Thank You!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2015

    This product started working almost instantly. Would definitely recommend.

  21. Amazing results! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2015

    I suffered for 10 plus years with this and tried every product on the market. Pranicure is the only product that has worked. My itching is gone and skin is healed. I was too embarassed to ask my physician and thought that I was to blame for not being able to control the itch and scratching. This really has been such a relief and I am happy to report that it works just as product insert describes...burning sensation for several days with initial applications but as skin heals the burning resolves and then the itch was resolved in 1 week. I have only had to reapply once in the past 2 months.Not sure why every drugstore is not carrying this product. Try it- you will not be disappointed!

  22. Thanks for giving me my life back. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Mar 2015

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say thank you for giving me back my life. After almost 20 years of struggling nightly with this condition, I can finally say I have found a cure in your product.

    I have endured years of pain and embarrassment , loss of sleep, and in many ways wasn't living life to its fullest. I dreaded going to bed most nights as this is the time when flare ups would occur, and keep me tossing and turning all night.

    I have tried countless products over so many years, and after using your product for only a few days, I knew I had found something that was actually going to work. After only two short weeks I can finally say Im cured of this dreadful affliction.

    So, again I thank you, very deeply, for giving me back my life.


  23. Great product, worked for me 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Mar 2015

    This is a great product, which has worked for me.

  24. Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Feb 2015

    This cream is excellent! Before I could not sleep for months due to the itching and I tried everything. I had piles and I had an anal fissure which this cream has healed! I used to need the cream every couple of hours but now once or twice a day is sufficient. Best cream on the market

  25. 20 year sufferer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Feb 2015

    I had suffered from this condition for over 20 yrs, i never thought i would be rid of the nightime itch and lack of sleep. I can now say i use the pranicure every once in a while but all symptoms have dissapeared entirely. There is nothing like this on the market, i have spent alot of money of potential cures without success, this is the only cure

  26. Thank you so much!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2015

    Pranicure is working! Thank God somebody came up with something that does. I would be in the nuthouse if I hadn't found your product online.

  27. Thank you 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Feb 2015

    Thank you for developing this product. It looks like, after a couple of months of using it, a problem that has bothered me for decades has finally been controlled.

  28. Relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Feb 2015

    I suffered for years.
    This works. Period.
    Immediate relief.
    Like in 1 second.

  29. So far, the best product 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Feb 2015

    This pleasantly pink ointment has the consistency of a barrier cream and a gentle numbing effect. It does stop itching so that it is possible to sleep. However, it does not tackle the cause of the itching which will still be there, so you have to remember to use the cream to stop it. The cream does stain undergarments and is difficult to wash off. It is also very expensive. If you live outside the US as I do, you may have to pay an additional £16 import duty, as I did. Delivery, to be fair, was very quick. So far, this is the best product I have tried.

  30. regular relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Feb 2015

    I've had anal itch for over ten years, and this is the first product I've found that keeps the itch at bay. It hasn't eliminated the itch, but the various creams my doctor provided me didn't either. And they had some nasty chemicals in them.

    Most of the time, the itch is not there, and it is a huge relief, esp. since I used to scratch and over time my anus would become quite sore.

    A wonderful product that more people should know about

  31. 40 years of chronic itching 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Feb 2015

    I rarely find a product that lives up to its hype until now.i have suffered with puritis for over 40 years.tried every product made and nothing worked until now.THANK YOU

  32. helps 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Feb 2015

    Helps but does not cure

  33. This is the best single product I've ever bought 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Feb 2015

    I had suffered with extreme itching for over two years, I simply could not stop scratching at night. Like others have mentioned, I figured this was some sort of scam based on practically every single review being positive. I was in a position where I would have taken a chance with just about anything.

    Frankly, they should be selling the stuff for double or triple the price. I don't fully understand how it works, but my feeling is that it creates some sort of barrier to prevent leakage and moisture buildup. Now, it's not as if one or two treatments will make the itch go away forever if the problem was as severe as mine, this is a once a day, or once every other day routine that has completely controlled this problem. The fact that dermatologists don't simply prescribe this is outright laughable. The creams they prescribe for this problem simply do not work and typically worsen the problem.

    Make sure to use mild wet wipes along with Pranicure and pat dry with toilet tissue prior to applying.

  34. Only thing that helped 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Feb 2015

    This product is amazing! My itch was so intense I couldn't sleep... I couldn't sit still. I bought all the over the counter products at CVS and nothing worked. This is the only thing that has returned my life to normal. The first week is still a little ruff but stick it out and by week two you will have total relief! Good Luck.

  35. Awesome product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jan 2015

    I have suffered for over 2 years with Pruritus Ani (anal itch & burning). Had hemorrhoids banded no help. I tried to get rid of the itching using Desitin, Doctor prescribed steroid cream, antifungal cream, witch hazel pads, baby wipes & many food product eliminations. Only the steroid cream worked but came right back & the cream damaged the anal skin.
    I would clean after every bowel movement with wet toilet paper. Do a final clean with Zincofax then apply thin layer of Pranicure. Was using 3 to 4 times a day then down to once a day. The skin has pretty much healed now after 2 years of torture. No more itching or sleep interruptions from burning. Only using this product now when any sort of itch returns.
    I thought the product's cost was a little high but after reading many positive reviews on several web sites, I took a chance. Best decision ever.
    Definitely recommend this product. Doctors should be made aware of it.

  36. Nothing worked, even the advice of a specialist! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jan 2015

    This product works, period. Full stop.
    I cannot fully describe how much better I feel physically and emotionally.
    Thank you.

  37. good 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jan 2015

    good product

  38. Fantastic stuff 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jan 2015

    Sufferer for 7months after the birth of my son. And dealing with a screaming baby and an unbearable itch at the same time is torture!! Have been using the product now for almost a month, the first week the itch became a lot worse. I sent the company an email asking what to do as I was terrified that the itch would be worse permanently!!! They replied within 24hrs saying to keep using it, the cream was working and healing skin doubles the itch. I'm so glad I didn't give up, because now I use it once a day and the itch is gone! I will continue to use the rest of the jar and hopefully when it's empty I will be 100% cured. Thank you so much. I can get on with my life now!!!!!!! :)

  39. It WORKS 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jan 2015

    Amazing product----years of itching has finally
    stopped- highly recommend it

  40. Great product, it works !!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jan 2015

    I definitely recommend this product to people who suffer "the itch". For the past five years, I tried different products and sadly nothing works. I have been using Pranicure for 3 weeks, the itch is almost gone. I am now very happy and sleep better than ever.

  41. Best Product on the Planet for this condition! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jan 2015

    I haven't suffered as long as most but it was too long. So very grateful to stumble upon this product online while trying to find something that WORKS! For me, it seemed to get worse before getting better. I kept telling myself not to give up as the instructions said, and it REALLY does WORK! I'm completely healed now and if it happens again, I'll know what to do.

    Thank you Pranicure, you people are saving allot of people's sanity.

  42. Suffer no more! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jan 2015

    After suffering with a lung infection in January of 2014, I was prescribed several very strong antibiotics to help with my illness. In the process of getting better the medications really messed up my digestive tract. I was having to go more frequently and my evacuations where violent and very painful. The burning and the itching associated with my bowel movements now were so bad that I was unable to work. Not to mention how it affected my mood in the bedroom. I made an appointment with a Colorectal Dr and he diagnosed me with PruritusAni. He prescribed some creams but they didn’t help at all. I went to my regular Doctor and he prescribed me another type of cream. This did not help either. After a follow up with my regular doctor and every day for 8 months of this painful condition, My doctor said I would have to ride it out. There’s nothing else I can give you to help. I came home and started researching this condition and found that there are more people out there who have this condition than you think. But do not talk about it. I understand. It is very embarrassing and quite humiliating. I found Pranicure and started reading the reviews. It helped me to make the decision to try it. I would say that after the very first application I was impressed. The calming, cooling and soothing feeling was noticed immediately. The menthol in this product I thought would burn but is actually left a cool fresh and clean feeling. Now I could get back to fulfilling my responsibilities. I have Four children, wife and a career that I have neglected because of my pain with this condition. Some days I could not get out of bed. It was that bad. If anyone out there reading this and suffers from Pruritus Ani, Please give Pranicure a try. Even if it gives you some relief, that is better than none at all. Thank you Pranicure!

  43. Worth every penny! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jan 2015

    After trying anything and everything possible, I found your product on the internet and thought it might be worth a try. It took several weeks of following the instructions and resisting the urge to scratch but IT WORKED!
    When the initial pain passed I was so happy to finally feel human and feminine again. Thank you does not say enough and I will continue to use and recommend this wonderful product. Please don't stop making it. It is a new lease on life for those of us who experience this problem.

  44. I tried everything for 3 years... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Dec 2014

    I'm honestly blown away. For 3 years I tried to get rid of the itching. Desitin, A&D ointment, antifungal cream, steroid suppositories, witch hazel pads, yogurt, probiotics and a doctor visit. The only thing that ever worked was a complete fast -- not eating for 7 days... so there was no going to the bathroom. And then it was back in 2 weeks.

    I grumbled about this product's cost, but my wife said, "Cheaper than another doctor visit." I am so glad I bought it. I used it for about 2 weeks and the healing has been complete. If I feel a hint of the itch coming back (which I have 3-4 times due to soaps or sickness, etc.) I use this stuff for 1 day and it's gone again.

    Can't say enough good about this product.

  45. Just go and buy it. IT WORKS! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Dec 2014

    I was a bit sceptical but decided I had nothing to lose as I was sick of going to my .g.p and nothing was working. It did take pranicure about 2 weeks to really ease the symptoms but I found taking the Epsom salt baths and using baby wipes really helped as well. Thank you pranicure.

  46. Works as Described 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Dec 2014

    I used several Doctor prescribed medications for several rectal itching. They work great, until a week after you stop, and not to mention most of them are steroidal and anti-fungal.
    Along comes this "little pink miracle cream". Good for girls, but guys like it too! It allows days and nights to go by without feeling you need to get a steel brush going down there to get relief.
    This line is the actual testimonial: I will continue to use it, as long as it's available.

  47. It works as advertised! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Dec 2014

    No further comments necessary!!!

  48. Life changing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2014

    For years I had suffered and this affected my daily life and pleasure. Then I was researching on the Internet and came across Pranicure. I read a few other testimonials and decided I had nothing to lose but to try it. that's when life changed for me. It has been the greatest discovery and anyone who is not convinced take my word IT WORKS.

  49. No hope :( 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2014

    It was some relief, but expected more.

  50. A Godsend! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Dec 2014

    Pete, just wanted to let you know as you asked in our conversation on Oct. 17 to let you know how your product worked. It has been a fantastic Godsend. After spending many dollars at Doctors and getting expensive prescriptions this has totally taken care of not only the unbearable itching but also the hem’s. I am just so glad I found your website. You are welcome to edit and use this as a testimonial. It lasts a long time so I will order more when needed. Thanks again!

  51. Best product I have ever tried... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2014

    Best product I have ever tried....actually..the others never worked

  52. It works! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2014

    Easy to apply, and it works great!

  53. Life changing! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2014

    Thank you thank you thank you
    Finally a product that works! I've had this problem for over 15 years. Too embarrassed to talk about it I just put up with it. Pranicure works immediately it's truly amazing. Thank you

  54. great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Dec 2014

    this stuff is great! i only used it for about 10 days and problem solved! amazing...thank you so much.

  55. best relief available 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Nov 2014

    This is by far the best product found for relief of symptoms..... I would not yet call it a cure as I am on my second order. There is room for improvement, but in all fairness, nothing else out there to compete with this product...

  56. This really does work 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Nov 2014

    I had been suffering from pruritis ani for nearly 20 years. It became unbearable when I was stressed and also when I needed a poo. The doctors all had a good poke around when I could bear to go and see them but nothing they gave me worked at all. The itching made me miserable and affected my life in many ways. When I found these reviews for Pranicure online I was very suspicious but I was so desperate I thought I'd risk it. By the time I had paid postage to the UK and Customs Duty at the PO it cost nearly £50. The cream started working straight away and within 2 weeks I didn't feel I had a problem anymore. Now I use it once a day, I haven't used much and I expect this jar will last well over 6 months. It has been worth every penny. I am so grateful that someone has been bothered to find a cure for this hideous condition. I think this product needs to be available at all high street pharmacies. I have my life back again.

  57. Good stuff!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2014

    Very happy with this product. Works great

  58. BUY THIS !!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Nov 2014

    This product is fantastic. Stopped using prescription med and just used Pranicure. Rash and itch cleared up within a week by 90%.

  59. Never Thought It Would Be Possible!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Nov 2014

    I had been suffering with anal itch off and on for well over 20 years! After various prescriptions, suppositories, Analpram cream, Proctosol cream, parasite medication, NOTHING cured the problem. They were all temporary fixes. The most important thing to keep in mind is "Do Not Give Up" as Pranicure works. It took me almost 2 months and now I am completely itch free. I even ordered an additional jar as my first one was almost empty. Now I have the second one...just in case, but am sure I will never need it, but it's nice to know that I have it just in case.
    This is the first time I have ever responded to reviewing any product. Pranicure works and I never thought it would, so don't give up and I am sure you will have excellent results if you follow the instructions exactly as they tell you to. Success is on the way! You will be so happy that you never gave up!

  60. Trial "Downuda" of Pranicure! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Nov 2014

    Overall an Excellent Product.
    I have suffered from Pruritis Ani since migrating from UK ten years ago. At first I thought it was just bad hygiene but after using just about everything prescribed by doctors and with the condition worsening over time, finding Pranicure has been, for want of a better term, blessed relief. Although I consider this more of a "managing" issue than cure, as someone who sweats a great deal, I consider this as the price to pay for living here (worth it I may add), the Pranicure is without a doubt the best product out there. When mentioning this to my Doctor, he looked at the ingredients and said: "it contains Lanolin, that may cause sensitivity!" Well, after the number of cream, lotions, and expense as a result of numerous prescriptions from them over the past years, it is clear that they are people who don't suffer from the same affliction. Use it, stick to the instructions, It works.

  61. Not a cure but best money ever spent :-) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2014

    I am a pruritis Ani sufferer for 17 years now and what a miserable 17 years it has been. I have been to see specialists and ordered remedy creams from all over the world. In the end i lost all faith and hope of having an itch free day or night. It was so bad i could not sleep or dreaded the thought of getting an itch while out in public or in the middle of a business meeting. It seemed to consume my life. I stopped searching for answers and thought i would just have to find a way to live with it.
    It was only about a year after i gave up that i randomly searched the internet and found Pranicure. I promised myself i wouldn't buy any more rubbish creams but for some reason purchased a tub. I used Pranicure for about 5 weeks and it was soothing but never totally stopped the itching. I almost gave up on it but as the cream was really expensive i thought i would persist and see what happens. All of a sudden one day i had no more itch. So i persisted using the cream. Once the cream ran out (lasts a few months) i did not order another one hoping i had been cured. About a week later the itch came back and i was really annoyed. I ordered another tub and had to wait about a week for it to arrive to the UK. This is not a cure but boy does it help. I order two tubs at a time now (shipping cost is the same for any number of tubs) and once i have been using it for a while, i only have to use it once in the morning and once before bed and i have no itch. I am thrilled that i can enjoy everything in life again without the worry of getting that uncomfortable itch. Enjoy an itch free life but don't expect a cure. The guys are also pleasant and helpful.
    Well worth the money :-)

  62. absolutely wonderful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Nov 2014

    Thank you so much. Relief finally after many years suffering. I thoroughly recommend Pranicure.

  63. Thank you Thank you! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Nov 2014

    Friday, November 7th, 2014
    I would like to thank Peter and his team sooo much. I received my Pranicure ointment in Malaysia in only 10 days after ordering, I had expected at least 3 weeks. You can imagine my joy! Relief was on the way. I have had this terrible itching and discomfort for 10 very uncomfortable months and nothing was relieving it, except a lot of damaging itching!
    After reading the instructions I couldn't get it on quick enough. The burning sensation was nothing, the relief was immediately wonderful. One week on I have had no need to itch, and discomfort passing stools has become increasingly less. Time will, I have no doubt, completely cure this most debilitating, horrible problem, of which I thought I was the only one in the world was suffering from! That is, until the day I spotted your website in a random search for help.
    Your product is wonderful, and I hope one day you will be selling it in stores to help all the sufferers.
    Thank you, thank you,

  64. This product is fantastic !!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Nov 2014

    We were travelling across America in august and September and in desperation I looked online to see if there was anything I could get in the U.S. I came across Pranicure and looked at the reviews. I ordered online and it was delivered to my home address in the UK. I had to pay import tax but boy was it worth it. Just follow the instructions and within three weeks the problem has totally disappeared. No more itching or soreness. Nothing in the UK works... I've tried them all. This product works. Period.

  65. The product works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Oct 2014

    I received my order of pranicure a little over two weeks ago and began using it immediately. I had ordered emuaid the month prior and although it helped somewhat it wasn't doing the job. From the first application of pranicure I knew this was different, my chronic itching did not go away right away but it gradually subsided each and every day. Now two weeks later I only apply it as needed and the jar will last me a year given how little you need to use to be effective. Thank you for this product.

  66. certainly beats most 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2014

    it has not cured my problem at this stage but goes close it is the best product so far cheers barry

  67. This stuff really is the best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2014

    I bought this product about a year ago after suffering with bad anal itch for about 3 years that was really sending me mentally insane. It worked within about a week and I was totally cured. Now, both my husband and I use it for all sorts of itches and rashes as well as any anal itching flare ups and it seems to work really quickly for everything. It took us a year, but our tub is now almost empty, so I am back online ordering another one!! I only wish it was easier to buy (eg. in the local pharmacy)... Keep up the good work - this product is amazing!

  68. Amazing!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2014

    This product is amazing!!! I suffered for a year and half with Pruritus Ani and I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor so I went out on a limb and ordered this cream. In just 2 weeks I am 90% better!!! The first few days after putting on the cream it did burn quite a bit but keep with it!!!! Distract yourself for the 5-10 minutes of initial burning and you will be amazed at the outcome. After 1 week the cream no longer burned and the itching is almost gone and I have been only using it for 2 weeks! If you are suffering with Pruritus Ani please, please,please try Pranicure. It works!!!! I ordered right from the website www.Pruritusani.org and I received an email confirmation shortly after ordering and the cream was delivered to my house in just 4 days! This cream is a miracle-I have my life back!!!

  69. After 4 years and so many creams... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2014

    I have been struggling with itchy bottom for over 4 years and have tried absolutely everything, even to make my own home remedy (following some recipe I found online) out of pure desperation. The itch started sneaking up on me just occasionally, maybe once in ten days and then after a few months every second day and then again after a few months I got to a point where I had one in 4 days without itch and so on- it was progressing slowly. I complained to my doctor after maybe year and a half and he thought it was nothing serious, nothing that Aveeno hydrocortisone can't relieve. It helped for about half a year and it stopped. I thought it might be hemorrhoids so I bought some ointments and tried to be very persistent but it didn't help. I found this Nikzon cream with some anaesthetic in it and tried that but nothing. For the past three months I started having really big problems so I got the local anaesthetic and tried putting that on together with Nikzon but it would only help for an hour and a half to two hours. I was also very careful not to scratch. I washed my bottom after every bowel movement thoroughly with warm water, and I'd also wash every time I'd apply the cream. Nothing helped. It has gotten so bad that for the past month and a half the itch used to wake me up 4-5 times throughout the night and I had to get up, wash and apply cream. It was a nightmare! About 10 days before I went online and bought Pranicure I was crying every day because I couldn't deal with it anymore. I went to see a doctor, she checked me for hemorrhoids and nothing, also did the blood work which came back normal. She advised me to go and see a GI which I plan to do in the next 2 weeks. What made me try Pranicure is the fact that I am going on a beach vacation soon and can't go back to a hotel from beach 7-8 times a day just to wash and apply cream.
    After I got the Pranicure, I applied it right away and felt a little tingling in the area which lasted about 10 seconds accompanied with an urge to scratch. After ten seconds more I felt the cooling effect which was very pleasant. For the first 3-4 days I applied cream 5-6 times in a 24-hour period, which was huge relief from what I used to deal with. It's been 8 days total since using it now, and I have only applied it twice a day for the past 3 days and that is after my bowel movement in the morning and before going to bed at night. It saved my friggin' life I swear to you! I was so bad that I wanted to hurt my self because of the itch- it was making me crazy! If you are reading my post and wondering if you should get it- don't wonder anymore! Just get it! The shipping is pretty fast and the cream does what it promises. And it paid off! I love Pranicure! Absolutely love it! Pruritusani dot org thank you for existing!

  70. I was hesitant..... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Oct 2014

    I thought this was a scam. All of the reviews were too positive and I kept on seeing the same names of reviewers popping up on other websites seemingly promoting this product solely for marketing purposes.

    I have suffered with this for over two years. Completely unbearable. I'm guessing the cause was athletics. Particularly a problem at nighttime...

    The fact is this stuff works. I want to be clear that it didn't work right away for me like others have claimed. You need to give it a few weeks of consistent usage and following the instructions which come with the product. The itch is not 100% gone. But pretty close. It's no longer a domineering problem but a very minor slight annoyance.

    I'm amazed this company hasn't gone more public with the product.

  71. Pranicure has changed my life!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Sep 2014

    Thank you so much, Pranicure has honestly changed my life.

    I suffered with this for over 10 years and tried everything. I am not sure i had a good night sleep in that decade. And after finally having relief from your product, I don't know how I was ever able to manage for so long.

    On top of all that, you have spared me from regular visits to the doctor for embarrassing refills on medications that never truly solved the problem. It's amazing to have access to something that I can order myself.

    I hope the best for your company as you try to expand. I am sure you will be very successful and I for one will likely be a life long customer.

  72. Life changer!!! (UK Review) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Sep 2014

    I've been a sufferer of Pruritus Ani for 9 and a half years. Up until recently, it has been managed by steroid cream prescribed by the doctor but I got to the point where that didn't work anymore. I tried every idea that people of the internet suggested but nothing worked. I was getting really depressed and started to feel like I has suffering in silence.
    I saw that Pranicure was suggested by a number of people and I couldn't seem to find any bad reviews for the product. I was a bit dubious about ordering a medicine from another country and paying a lot of money for it. (It cost me £50 in total inc Royal Mail handling fee and import duty)
    I was desperate so went for it. I felt reassured that I could pay by Paypal. I received notifications via email straightaway. I could track the cream but US Mail only tracked to New York so once out of the US, I had no clue where it was. I contacted Pranicure and they got back to me really quickly with reassurance and offered a full refund if it didn't arrive on a certain day.
    The cream arrived! I did a little happy dance! When I first started using the cream, it was quite refreshing. It took the itch away for a while. The key thing is to read the information sheet that comes with the cream. You need to follow it to the letter. It suggests bathing in Epsom salt which I did and this also helped.
    I got a bit clingy to the cream and was applying it 4-5 times a day but it is only necessary when it starts itching again.
    After a week, I use it once every few days. It's completely changed my life!

  73. Willing to speak to any doubters out there about it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Sep 2014

    I'm not going to type out an essay here.

    It works, SIMPLE AS THAT.

    I'm in Australia and ordered it and upon using it, it gave immediate relief and over the coming months I am pretty much cured.

  74. Awesome Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Sep 2014

    I had never experienced "the itch" until this July. It was unbearable at one point so I went to the doctor and they prescribed prescription cream. It help, but the itch persisted. I searched online for information and treatments and came across the website and Pranicure ointment. I was hesitant at first, but it received many great reviews. I decided to order it and I am extremely glad I did! The ointment works so great! Also, customer services was very nice and helpful. When I first order it I didn't realize I entered my address wrong. They quickly mailed out a new product and I got it right away!

  75. SUCCESS! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Sep 2014

    Nobody likes to talk about having an itchy rectum - it's a secret that most people never know you're keeping and yet it consumes your thoughts, makes you feel ashamed, dirty, anxious, unloveable... when you suffer from pruritus ani and it keeps you up at night, makes you crazy, has you scratching until you bleed, has you looking forward to the hurt so that the itching stops, makes bathing and going to the bathroom an excruciating experience and kills your love life, it's hard to show a happy face to the world.

    Like so many others who have written testimonials, I suffered for years and tried everything under the sun from changing my diet to oral medications to naturopathy to homeopathy to energy work to zillions of promising ointments both over the counter and prescription... TO NO AVAIL. Despite my skepticism, my state of desperation pushed me to take a chance on Pranicure and... to my absolute amazement... IT WORKED!!!! I started using Pranicure 5 weeks ago and although it took a while for itch to go away completely, it started to help as of the first application and got better from there. Now I go to bed without being anxious, I sleep through the night and what was a highly damaged area is now 98% healed!! Don't panic if it doesn't work right away - just keep applying it as per the instructions and it will take effect!! I have also used it successfully to heal other itchy patches of skin ~*~* amazing stuff! I am truly grateful to have found this product.. it gave me my life back! THANK YOU!

  76. Good Product 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2014

    Works very well, I wish I could say I am cured but I am not. But I guess it is not a cure. Now I only deal with this normally a couple times a day about 10 mins or so each. Other then that I am good. I have been using the product on a daily basis, 2x a day. The support these folks provide is next to no one. Good people.

  77. Finally! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2014

    Worked immediately! Unreal how much relief it has brought so quickly. Do not hesitate to give it a try.

  78. Thank you 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Aug 2014

    To be honest I was a bit dubious that your product would work. I've tried several others over many years and had a number of doctor visits but no long-term results from any of them. One other worked well for a week or so but your product works long-term (I've been using it for over 2 months now). I feel I can relax again, less irritation and burning at night so sleep is much improved. It hasn't cured my itch completely (the last niggling itch seems further up the passage) but I will stick with it and hope to get rid of it long-term.

  79. This worked! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2014

    I really appreciated this product as I was about to go crazy with anal itching and pain; and had tried many other things. It did take a while, but I had a very bad case for quite a long while. Thank you. And to those folks out there who are desperate, give it a try. It works.

  80. Worth every penny 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Aug 2014

    I didn't think it would work. Its been a few YEARS of suffering. Over the counter creams work only very temporarily. So I thought I have nothing to loose and to try this cream. First few weeks after application it would burn and itch like crazy for first 45 -60 minutes. AT first I couldn't handle it, and to help the itch I had to use Benadryl cream before applying Pranicure. But after 2-3 weeks I am 90% percent better. No Benadryl needed at all. I thought I wouldn't need this stuff anymore since I was healed, but slowly the itch came back. So ordered 2 pack this time and use it only occasionally. But it helps to keep the itch away for good.

  81. Cannot live without this product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2014

    After 15 years of having this condition and trying all sorts of creams and crazy remedies i came across this wonderful product about a year ago. I was desperate and had to try it. I really had no choice, this condition was really getting me down. After a couple of days my bottom was 95% better. I still have to apply every now and again when i get flare ups. My wife also ended up with the condition and now she swears by it also. I would recommend this product to any sufferer of this condition. It will give you so much relief and repair your bottom... it has given me back my sleep and sanity...thank you Pranicure for this excellent product.

  82. Thank from the bottom of my bottom! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2014

    Good morning Pranicure group! I wanted to let you know, with utmost gratitude, that after 2 weeks of applying your cream I have no pain, no itch, no more suffering. I haven't even applied the cream in 2 full days because I haven't needed to. After nearly one full year of constant itching, I cannot express how profoundly this relief has impacted me. I have been so emotionally imbalanced and for whatever reason I didn't fully realize how fundamental this issue was to my happiness and sanity. I have now been able to sleep full nights, my confidence has increased so drastically, and all the other problems I was attaching myself to I have been able to let go of now. I am laughing deeply again! I honestly am so thankful for your work and your dedication to making a product that actually works for people who suffer this terrible condition. Thank you soooooooo much from the bottom of my heart -- and the bottom of my bottom. Hahahaaaa I couldn't help but make a joke. I love you guys. -J.

  83. A good honest product... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Aug 2014

    I recently purchased your cream and have had fantastic results in 2 weeks. Thank you for a good honest product

  84. best yet! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Aug 2014

    I have been a pruritus sufferer for over 40 years. I have gone to every Dr. imaginable to no avail. I tried Pranicure and found immediate relief with the xx strength. I cannot thank you or your product enough. Keep up the good work.

  85. Do not waste your time with the doctors...get this stuff! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Aug 2014

    OK...I was skeptical about this stuff. I have been dealing with pruritus ani for many years. It would come and go...until about 6 months ago...things took a turn for the worse. I couldn't stop scratching. I scratched so hard...that I would bleed. Every time I had a bowl movement I would bleed. The skin above my rectum was so irritated, with a wound that would never heal...it was starting to get painful.

    I tried this cream...and I have my old ass back. The cut healed within a week. I no longer itch. I am also no longer using the Pranicure. It has been merely weeks..and I am 100% cured.

    If you do in fact have pruritus ani....and not some other condition...this stuff will put you back to 100%. Back to a time when your ass wasn't bleeding, itching, burning.

    This stuff should be 8X the price. They are doing charity work at this point...because the creators of this stuff once new the suffering...and are looking at it as their job to rid the world of itchy and bleeding asses.

    Hope this helps you make up your mind.

  86. Saved The Brown Eye 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Aug 2014

    I had fought the itch for 10 years. It was a losing battle always so uncomfortable . This stuff works. Along with rinsed baby wipes. Looking forward to the strong stuff on the market the sample I got was great . A little touch up once in a while and good to go.

  87. excellent product - pranicure works all the time 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2014

    Having tried your product for a couple of days
    It brought immediate relief for the itching of
    the buttocks. Its magical it does work.
    I suffered from the itching for couple of months
    and I am so happy that there is a product such
    as pranicure to relieve the itching.
    Many thanks
    Happy Customer

  88. When nothinge else worked, this did the trick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jul 2014

    This was a miracle for me. I had tried everything from diaper rash cream to steroid cream, and was in embarrassing agony. I use this once a day and the problem has virtually disappeared. don't be put off by the fact that it will sting upon initial application--hang in there, and know that it'll get better. I will continue to buy this product for as long as I need it. Thanks to pranicure, I'm back to being myself again!!

  89. Didn't work well for me 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jul 2014

    What I thought was just an itch (like I had in the past) turned out to be a fissure. This was discovered by a doctor.

    Change in diet, stool softeners did the trick.

  90. Pranicure is the ONLY product that works! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2014

    Decade plus of insidious pruritusani, & I've tried EVERYTHING... Ketamine, Ketoprofen, Imipramine, Lidocaine, Nifedipine, Pentoxifylline, Mometasone, Ketoconazole, Hydrocortisone, Bepanthen & Calmoseptine, to name a "few". Pranicure is the only product that works. THX!!

  91. Won't live without it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jun 2014

    Love this ointment, finally relief and I don't have to use it every day, just when I need it! Shipping costs me just as much as one container but is so worth my sanity! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  92. SAVED MY LIFE!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jun 2014

    I cannot begin to tell you how much this product saved my life! My itching got so bad that i had to go on anti depressants. Anyone with this issue i'm sure will understand how low it can make you! I did my own research along with numerous doctor/hospital appointments, and nothing would help me! I was DESPERATE! I carried on searching and found Pranicure.....at first i was dubious as it was so expensive... but i was so desperate i decided to go for it. After 4 weeks using Pranicure nothing changed and i was gutted....i emailed the pranicure team and straight away they answered me telling me to carry on and that Pranicure works every time. 2 weeks later i finally started seeing results, it only got better and better from there! I went from using Pranicure 3 times a day but now only need it about twice a month. I know its not completely cured but i am now off the depressants and once again living a normal happy life. THANK YOU SO MUCH PRANICURE!!!! I advise anyone with the symptoms of puritus ani to try this and promise within 8 weeks you will be better!!!

  93. Relieved the itch and finally able to sleep without waking me up at night 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2014

    May 21, 2014

    In mid to late March 2014, I started the problem with itching in the anal area and inside, I don't know what caused it. The itching was so bad that I could not sleep through the night. I googled it and found out that I have pruritus ani. I went to see Dermatologist on April 1,and the cream she prescribed does not relieve the itching at all or the rash. Subsequently, I went to see my Gastroenterologist on April 30, 2014, and she prescribed 2 types of creams for me, and informed me to stop taking fish oil, magnesium, and primerose oil. I stopped taking these supplements, but the creams that my Gastroenterolgist prescribed only helped a little bit, but did not stop the itching at night.

    I googled and found this website, and read the majority of the reviews and decided to try Pranicure Ointment. I am SO GLAD that I ordered it! It helped my rash and itchiness immediately. It is definitely helping me more than the creams my Dermatolgist and my Gastroeneterologist prescribed.

    Pranicure definitely helped me tremendously. However, I want to find out what is causing the itchiness and rash all of a sudden and out of the blue. I will see the Proctologist tomorrow to find out if he has any clue what causes this problem.

    In the meantime, I highly recommend this ointment for people who are going through sleepless nights due to itchiness of the anal area. It is unbearable. The Pranicure has literally save my life!!!!

    God Bless the maker of this products.

    UPDATE: I just came back from the Proctologist, he did a biopsy and took a small sample. He used an anesthesia that burned me alot!!! He wanted to check for cancer and other infections with the small sample. He said he will let me know in about a week or 2 the findings of the biopsy. In the meantime, the Proctologist confirmed that I have Pruritus Ani. He said he has patients that have the same problem and does not know the cause of the problem. I asked him if it is caused by diet, or some sort of allergies. He said he does not know. He said he was going to prescribe a cream for me, however, I showed him the Pranicure Ointment printout of the ingredients, and he said that I should continue using Pranicure since this ointment contains more ingredients than what he was going to prescribe to me. In other words, it was a waste of my time to see the Proctologist except for the biopsy results since no one knows what causes Pruritus Ani. Very frustrating.

  94. Life is Good 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th May 2014

    I highly recommend this product. Excellent results within a few days. The price is reasonable as I think this order will last several months. The formulation, texture and mostly scent free salve is well engineered. Almost a cure...hope that product comes next.

    I have never experienced the itching others describe but discomfort, fullness, soreness, for two years until now. Back to 95% normal and applying the product once per day on average. No longer worrying/thinking about my butt or concerned about long car drives, long days at the office and so on.

  95. THankyou Thankyou Thankyou 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th May 2014

    This product is simply the best. After years of hell and trying so many solutions, this is simply the only one that seriously rates. After a couple of days I knew this was working and after a month I only need it every few days. Things are quickly and surely getting better and I am looking forward realistically to a life without this problem. Thankyou for getting my life back after this debilitating and humiliating problem. I love you for making this.

  96. Finally able to sleep through the night! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    I suffered for 2 years with waking up every 30 minutes with itching. Tried every home remedy I could find on the internet but nothing worked. Even my doctor couldn't offer any suggestions.

    I was skeptical about Pranicure, but because I could pay with Paypal, I was confident that all that could be lost was the cost of the product.

    Wow, the product really does work. After 1 week I was getting relief for most of the night, only waking up 2 or 3 times. After 1 month, itching is completely gone and has stayed gone for over a month! I still use the product at night, but will start reducing the frequency of use.

    I'm so glad I decided to take a chance on Pranicure - it was worth it!!

  97. This stuff works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2014

    I was a longtime symptom sufferer. I am also a big skeptic after having tried a number of products/recommendations. This is the only stuff that I've found works. Its most important characteristic is that it's an effective liquid barrier. I've put some on my hand and put water on it. It beads right up! The barrier remains effective for many hours. I've had complete relief for the 1st time in 7+ years.

  98. THANK-YOU!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Apr 2014

    Dear Pranicure,

    I am writing to tell you that your wonderful product has FINALLY cured my pruritus ani! I suffered for a year and a half, too embarrassed to go to the doctor and, after reading about how person after person had sought medical treatment to no avail, I decided it was a waste of money to see the doctor anyway.

    I ordered "EmuAid Max" and tried it for months with no relief. That was a waste of $50.

    I was so miserable and desperate that I went to the Internet again in search of a cure recently. I came across your site, and after reading so many testimonials about your product on other forums, as well as on your site, I decided to give it one last shot and hope it was real.

    I was very skeptical, but after the first couple of applications I could tell it was helping. It has only been a week and I finally feel normal again!!!

    The problem was seriously interfering with my life, I can't thank you enough for the fast delivery and the real results.

    You literally saved my butt!!!

    Please feel free to share my testimonial.

    Thanks again for everything!!!!

  99. a whole night sleep 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Apr 2014

    I have suffered since the birth of my 1st child 4 years ago. It has only been day 2 but what a difference- I slept all night last night and during the day has experienced very little irritation. only day 2 but what a difference- I feel I have had my life back as anyone going through it knows it takes over your life.

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